Broker Information

  • Company Name: Gain Capital UK
  • Founded: 1999
  • Country: UK

Platform Info

  • Platform: FOREXTrader & MT4 for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android, WebTrader
  • Web Based: Yes
  • Mobile Trading: Yes

Broker Services

  • Regulators: FCA, NFA, CFTC, IIRO, FSA, CIMA
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • US Clients: Yes
  • Funding Methods: Credit & Debit Card
  • Pairs Offered: 84+ Review is proud to offer Bitcoin-based CFDs, which allow traders to speculate on the cryptocurrency, without the need to go through the often tedious process of acquiring property. What else does brokerage offer and how does it adapt to commercial conditions and user confidence?

Before delving into the details of the general offer, we must make it clear that it is a reliable and regulated operation. We would not even bother to check it otherwise.

The corporate fund of the brand is provided by GAIN Capital UK Ltd., a company registered in the United Kingdom, with headquarters at 16 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB. The company registration number is 1761813. As an operator based in the United Kingdom, the forex broker is registered and licensed to offer financial services by the FCA. Your FCA registration number is 113942. Whether or not complies with all the directives established by MiFID is not clear at this time. What we do know is that it does not accept customers from Belgium, which presumably means that traders from other EEA countries are accepted.

The recently introduced Bitcoin trade seems to be one of the main current sales points of the operation. Given the high volatility of the underlying asset, the commerce of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency in the world (by market capitalization) is not for the weak at heart. The offer allows traders to take positions without significant exposure, trade both the rise and fall of the price and essentially have a little fun with cryptos, without securing ownership in any form or form.

The only problem with the agreement with Bitcoin is that it is not available on the MT4 platform. However, honestly, the other platforms are powerful enough and capable of essentially denying this theoretical disadvantage.

Why would you want to exchange Bitcoin on First, the addition of this new asset and asset class is an opportunity to expand your trading portfolio. Due to its CFD-based nature, this type of trade literally allows you to “do more with less”. The differential in BTC / USD starts from $ 100, but this is not engraved in stone. This rate is subject to changes, depending on the evolution of market conditions.

Why would you want to choose as your main commercial destination, if you are not a big Bitcoin enthusiast?

The offer of the site is solid in all areas. Founded in 1999, the brokerage has the experience and reputation to back its claims to being a “Global Market Leader”. According to the official website of the operation, the most attractive and transparent prices and quality execution are the most attractive assets. The selection of products covers about 200 markets and discounts are offered in monthly commercial volumes.

Maintaining an active presence in no less than 140 countries around the world, is truly a truly global operation. The selection of the trading platform is excellent, and the trading conditions in the most important currency pairs and other underlying assets are very attractive.

The brokerage agency has a commercial alert service, which is a paid configuration, but which gives new operators the opportunity to test them for free for 45 days.

In terms of security and trust, must comply with a large number of regulatory requirements. Maintains liquidity well above minimum regulatory requirements and keeps funds from its operators in segregated accounts. Funds from lost users due to a predetermined number of problems are subject to compensation, through the Financial Services Compensation Plan. Review Regulation

We have already said previously that is registered and authorized by the FCA of the United Kingdom. Given that we are talking about a global operation, it is not surprising that the broker carries out its activities through several affiliates. These affiliates are also regulated and licensed within their own jurisdictions.

Therefore, the operation is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, the Financial Services Authority of Japan, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, the Australian Services and Investments Commission (ASIC), the most stringent regulatory agencies in the world). ), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of the United States and the Monetary Authority of the Cayman Islands.

As you can see from the above, from a regulatory perspective, has created a very solid case.

ct Selection

The selection of products offered by may not be distinguished from what one would consider the industry standard in this regard, but it is still quite solid. It covers 200 global markets, including 84 currency pairs, from major to minor and exotic, 17 indexes covering all relevant corners of the global economy, and 65 stocks. The stock trade apparently is not available through the MT4 platform. Trading Platforms

The Advanced trading platform It is the centerpiece of the platform offering. It is a very powerful and capable environment, which provides traders with a large number of drawing tools, advanced graphic creation functions and more than 80 technical indicators. Users can code and use their own custom indicators. The scores of the integrated trading strategies are also available through the advanced operator.

The Web Trader it can be optimized for speed and compatibility with a wide variety of browsers, but it has not been marketed in versatility and power to facilitate the advantages mentioned above. It also offers advanced graphics, with an impressive set of drawing tools. Regarding technical analysis, it presents more than 70 indicators. The complete administration of the account is available through this platform, including deposits and withdrawals.
Web Trader features:
– Smart trade ticket with advanced risk management option.
– Predefined and customizable designs.
– Powerful graphics with integrated one-click operations.

The Mobile traders,

which are configured for compatibility with Android and iOS, provide access to multiple types of orders and also come with integrated sections of news and market analysis. Alerts and commercial notifications in real time are delivered through these platforms, but also through email and SMS.

MT4, the gold standard in currency trading / CFD, is also compatible, and can be downloaded directly from the website, free of charge. In addition to its usual set of functions related to the analysis and creation of graphics, the MT4 of is compatible with the EA, and EA’s free hosting is apparently part of the package, Trading Services

As mentioned briefly above, offers a series of potentially useful and certainly very interesting commercial tools and services.

The trade signals agreement is a paid service, but for newly registered users, it is available for free during the first 45 days. The signals are generated by the team of internal experts of the operator.

The FX reimbursement agreement is a 4-level configuration, which is only really useful for those who generate trading volumes in excess of GBP 25 million per month. The reimbursement rates start from 10 pounds sterling per million and go up to 40 pounds sterling per million.

Internal market strategists are also available to help operators reach their full potential. This program is mainly about personalized guidance and support, covering various aspects of commercial activity. Conclusion

All that is taken into account, the conclusion that is a legitimate and solid Forex / CFD brokerage, is obvious. The offer of the platform is exceptional, the selection of the product is decent (and with the addition of BTC, it may actually have exceeded that designation), and the regulatory profile is quite impeccable.

Please note that certain products and / or multiplier levels may not be available to traders in EEA countries due to legal restrictions.

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