About Forex Market

As professional Forex traders, we have tried an infinite number of brokers, some good, some bad and some ugly. Some are great if you are a scalp, others are perfect if you use EAs, others will let you trade if you live in the United States, and some will offer a payment method that you can use locally.

Over the years we have realized that there is no perfect forex broker for everyone; depending on your personal situation and the type of trading you do, there may be a short list of ideal brokers for you.

We recognize how important it is to know which brokers have the specifications and terms you need. Therefore, we have created forexmarket.pk to meet this need and have produced a broker rating system that allows users to select brokers based on important specifications.

forexmarket.pk is run by a small team of enthusiastic individuals for trading and new media, the perfect combination for Forex. In addition to simply categorizing brokers, we do our best to keep up to date with the latest developments in the diverse world of brokers. In addition, we hold our finger to the pulse of economic markets, analyze the markets daily and often trade. We also try to check every single broker we list, which keeps us busy almost all the time.

Since we act as an Introducing Broker, we are also here to advise traders directly and we can provide you with the most suitable broker for your situation and trading style. Just contact us through our contact form and let us know what you need from the broker and we will recommend our most suitable partner. If you fall under our International Baccalaureate Account, we will be in a position to support and assist you if you experience any problems.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at info@localhost We are ready to answer all your inquiries and questions.